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Consulting & Management

Development & Consulting Services

Golden Bridge Design provides a variety of software development services, whether we own the development project or not.  We have expertise in Development Specifications, Project Management, Development Testing, and Technology Consulting.

Project Management

Golden Bridge Design provides full project management services for your development needs.

Project Scheduling

Budget Management

Developer/Customer Management

Requirements Tracking

Closure Reporting

Team Collab Platform

Development Testing

All systems need to be fully tested prior to implementation to ensure proper functionality.

Golden Bridge Design provides:

  • Requirements Sign-off Documents
  • Testing Reports
  • Test Schedules
  • Bug Tracking

Technology Consulting

If your business needs help with deciding what technologies will work for your business or where to start,

Golden Bridge Design provides:

  • Platform Selection
  • Version Control
  • Build Deployment
  • Vendor Selection

Requirements Development

Developing sound requirements for your development project is a critical component of success.  Golden Bridge Design works with your company to understand the needs of your business, translating this into a requirements specification that is the foundation for the development of your software.  This becomes your development spec which is the first step in your development project.

Typical items of the Development Spec Generated:

  • Database Schema  
    • Visual Layout
    • SQL Database
  • Requirements
    • Requirements Allocation
  • Sitemap & Navigation
    • Page IDs & Levels
    • Requirements Mapping

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